Link Directory

Websites and projects I found through my internet journeys and consider pretty amazing. If you don't like to be here and want your site taken from this list, you can go eat shit.

Note: Just because the site is listed here does not mean I agree on everything with them, especially in terms of politics. A person who believes in the Juche Ideology and a person who is an Anarcho-Capitalist are equally welcome here as long as their websites are cool

Personal Websites & Blogs

cidoku network - A personal website by a chilean otaku, god of flash and puyo puyo player
Dig Deeper - He doesn't suffer from schizophrenia, he enjoys every second of it. Great technlogy articles
Digital Hallucination - Small work-in-progress website that features a list of great MMORPG private servers
Koshka's Kingdom - Internet kingdom of a fellow autist and old internet veteran, full of colorfull graphics, designs and pink, lot's of pink. Make sure to check out the Library of Babel and UFO sections
lolwut? - 4chan veteran, 2000s enjoyer and administrator of 711chan and VidLii (I don't reccomend visiting both of these sites if you are at work) - I'm linked there under the writers-lane district. It's possible you came here thanks to them. As of writing this they are still linking to the old website, they have been for two years already! It's an amazing achievement considering how terrible my OG site was
saint-images - Beautifull website full of great photos among other things
ShadowM00n's Summit - Unironic Gentoo enjoyer, epic h4xx0r

Computers & Technology

Debian - One of the best linux distributions out there. I reccomend it if you are experienced with linux and want a great, stable and minimal system
Devuan - Debian derivative that uses alternative init systems
Gentoo - Install Gentoo
Linux Mint - The best newbie-friendly linux distribution that even a total tech illiterate can use. If using debian is too hard for you then check this distro out
OpenBSD - Extremly secure UNIX system mostly designed for servers, but can be used as a desktop system
skipster1337's site - I'm putting it here instead of the personal websites section because it has an absolutely insane repository of Windows XP compatible software. My go-to website when setting up a new Windows XP instalation


2004scape - An work-in-progress open-source 2004 RuneScape private server that tries to make a pixel-perfect recreation of the game as it was in May 2004. They go as far as using RuneScript instead of Kotlin or Java to write server content, just so the sgame will play 0.1% more accurate to the real deal. Definetly check it out if you love old runescape. Once it enters the Beta stage you bet I'm gonna play all day all night until I die. They even allow you to play in browser using both modern TypeScript client and legacy Java client.
Darkan - 2012 RuneScape if thats your thing
OpenRSC - Collection of open source RuneScape Classic servers:
- 2001scape - Recreation of RuneScape as it was in 2001, full of unused old features and forgotten old mechanics
- RSC Cabbage - Modified and frequently updated version of RSC, haven't played there yet
- RSC Preservation - The real deal in terms of playing RuneScape Classic in 2004+20. It always has 100+ players online, none of them are bots (explained bellow). One of my favorite runescapes these days
- They also host Botting worlds for anyone to bot in, wich ultimately destroys the botting problem on the rest of OpenRSC's servers
RuneRebels - Extremly underrated 2006 RuneScape recreation with empty servers 24/7 since 2012. An absolute waste of fine electricity and code in my opinion
Vidyascape - RuneScape private server ran by 4chan's /v/ board that aims to recreate the game on 31st October 2007, one day before they added Grand Exchange, wich made the game less fun for many players. They have 2.25x XP rates, infinite run energy and some small easter eggs inspired by 4chan's old meme culture. Probably the most complete Private Server to date

Other & Weird shit

BitView - A little bit saner little brother of VidLii that explores old layouts of YouTube. It used to be owned by lolwut, but since then it got bought out by some dudes I don't really care about
Official Website of SOS Brigade - Website of the SOS Brigade from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, looks exactly the same as it did in the show
Spacehey - Modern version of MySpace that's somehow also populated mostly by teenagers
VidLii - Anarchic old-youtube style website full of edgelords, gore and political extremism. You visit this site at your own responsibility
Wielka Rzeczpospolita - Polish comedy website from the 2000s wich says that Poland will become an insanely huge empire by 2050s on the levels of USA or USSR. Filled to the brim with 2000s polish internet memes and culture. Must visit jeśli dobrze kłapiesz dziobem po polskiemu