Welcome to Klocow Stuff Archives, where you can look at the previous layouts and events that occured on this site as well as website snapshots from the past!

Website layout from 2022-2024

Previous site layout from March 2022 to February 2024. The site was originally a really crappy shitpost made to "look like late 90s geocities site created by a 13 year old". I don't even use a <hr> to divide the site, instead I was using a bunch of "=" and "-". Visit at your own risk.


April Fools 2022

During April Fools of 2022 I decided to replace the whole site with a small little limp bizkit shitpost, that was meant to be a homage to late 90s websites that were taking a side in the extremly bloody Limp Bizkit vs Slipknot war.