About me

I'm an unironically autistic polish teenager that lives in the Greater Poland voivodeship and loves old computers, RuneScape, Anime and Touhou among other weird things. It might seem silly that a teenager would make a website that looks like it was made in 2004, as I have no nostalgia from these times. World Wide Web, before a million JavaShit scripts were required to make a simple text website, was a much calmer and creative place, and websites such as mine want to preserve that calmness and creativity web once possesed.

This website originally launched on March 27th 2022 as a simple HTML practice by my younger self. It was pretty terrible and on 25th February 2024 I decided to rewrite the website from scratch while also moving to a better webhosting NeoCities. The old crappy website is still avilable under it's original domain. Bear in mind that the old site had little to no content, as I had pretty poor english skills that restricted me from writing anything reasonable on the blog. If you came on my website from Writers Lane and you are asking yourself "what the hell was this shitpost doing there", let me tell you that I am probably more surprised than you. I recall sending them my site for lulz, not actually expecting to be put there. Overall, thank you kind Nightfall City staff, someone might actually know about this website thanks to you!.

As you can see on the sites banner, I love the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Thats true, it's my favorite anime and if you haven't watched it yet, go fix your past mistakes and watch it! God bless haruhisky